My Pregnancy Journal

In this book, I share my pregnancy experience and process from conception to delivery. 

I share how I moved from being afraid of pregnancy and delivery to becoming empowered and excited about carrying and birthing my child. 

This creative non-fiction book covers my conception story, self-esteem in pregnancy, overcoming morning sickness and physical discomfort, pregnancy and delivery confessions and my supernatural delivery story. 

I strongly believe that the promise of strength and ease in pregnancy was not designed for me alone and that is why I am sharing my journal! So, you can see and open your heart to this and more!

My Diary as a teacher

From graduating with First-class honors at a top private school in Nigeria at 18 years of age to moving to a rural community to be a full-time public primary school teacher, Aramide shares the true story of her work and the deep memories with her students.

As a teenage public school teacher who is pursuing her dream and living a life of passion, she faced diverse challenges but was strong-willed to navigate through them and make an impact notwithstanding. 

This memoir showcases the power of fighting for your dreams and building the future that you desire. It records a compelling story of grit, compassion, love, and success as 19-year-old Aramide dedicates her life to impacting marginalized kids through quality education.

This book will get to the deepest part of your heart and show you that you can become anything you set your mind to, and you can make a huge difference no matter what.



Intentional Living Checklist

As a 22-year-old living in a busy world, filled with calls, pings, notifications, emails, and social media, it can be very easy to be lost in activities and lose control of my daily life. 

In the last 7 years, I have learned that we are all writing our stories as we live daily, but, is your story worth sharing? Are you proud of the chapters you have written so far? Or, are you even writing your story and crafting your message intentionally? 

If not, then this book will help you start to rewrite your story on purpose and be in charge of your time and choices every day. 

The three habits shared in this book will help you redesign your life starting from today so that you can live a life that you are proud of. 


20 Lessons I Learned at 20

Being 20 was actually the highlight of my entire life. 

As I strived to be a better person everyday, I learned a lot from observations, experiences, people and the challenges I faced. 

Some lessons came easily while some were learned the hard way. However, I am grateful that I learned these lessons early in life as they have shaped my mindset and have helped me to be a better version of myself. 

The 20 lessons that I shared in this book will help you build a life that counts.

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