2022 – What a year!

My husband and I spent the early hours of this morning in deep reflection and thanksgiving. This year has been such a silent/preparation year for us, but it’s been the year that God has blessed us the most. We sat in our room, and we kept seeing different ways that God showed up for us …

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How to be consistent with anything

Earlier today, I started reflecting on my progress this quarter, and I realized how much I had grown in being consistent with the things that mattered most to me. I noted a few things:

Believe Bigger

God has been taking me through a preparation and birthing season for the past months, and it’s been very uncomfortable. While reflecting today, I realized that I have made more progress than last year and the year before. One major thing I have learned in this season is that many times, discomfort is for our growth and it is such a great …

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How to find purpose

The most question I get asked in my dm is, “Aramide, please how do I find my purpose?” I like to respond by saying that your purpose is never farfetched. You are already walking in it, you just haven’t realised it. I think about purpose as something that is uncovered and not discovered. The more …

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My Pregnancy Journal

This week has been such a blessed week for me. My baby turns 6 weeks old today, and I took some time today to reflect on my pregnancy and childbirth journey. I feel so grateful to God for it. If you have been here long enough, you might remember an email I sent last year …

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My Supernatural Childbirth Story

My Supernatural Childbirth Story. I woke up by 8:30 am on the 20th of August feeling so uncomfortable in my lower abdomen – it felt like menstrual cramps. I thought this was a false contraction so I got up just to switch positions, but the contractions didn’t stop. My mother-in-law who is a nurse and …

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Going through a rough phase?

If you are going through a rough phase at the moment or you have been trying to process a rough phase that you went through in the past, then this letter is written from the deepest part of my heart to you.  Many times when we go through rough seasons in our lives, it feels …

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