One fail-proof way to achieve your goals

It can be very difficult for me to set a goal and not achieve it. Very difficult.

This is because I have learned to get out of my head when trying to achieve a goal.

When setting the goal, I might be very excited, but when it is time to execute, I might not be as excited as I was during the goal-setting process.

I force myself to take action by sharing my goal with my husband, close friends, and my mentors. So, in a case where I want to procrastinate or cower in fear (because of the big vision), I remember that I already shared my goal and timeline with people that I respect.

I have practised this for two years, and it has always worked for me. Through this strong accountability system, I have written five books, earned a Masters degree from Harvard, and grown my education nonprofit.

There are some goals that I am able and motivated enough to achieve all by myself, without telling anyone. But, once I sense fear, laziness, or procrastination getting in the way of the attainment of my goals, I get out of myself by sharing my goal with someone that I respect.

What system(s) have you put in place to help you achieve your goals?

Share in the comments section so I can learn from you too.

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