My Pregnancy Journal

This week has been such a blessed week for me. My baby turns 6 weeks old today, and I took some time today to reflect on my pregnancy and childbirth journey. I feel so grateful to God for it.

If you have been here long enough, you might remember an email I sent last year sharing about how I fell sick. Yeah, coincidentally, that was the start of my pregnancy journey, but I did not know. My husband was on cloud nine when I broke the news and so was my family.

Today, I shared my Supernatural delivery story with the world and for me, my story is a show of God’s ease and grace that is available in pregnancy and childbirth. 

Before getting pregnant, I was scared! So scared of everything – morning sickness, the physical pain and discomfort, motherhood, and the scariest for me was delivery (like howww will a whole human come out of me?)

But God came through. He showed me what He intended pregnancies to be like. He told me that I could be exempted from pain in pregnancy and delivery because He has redeemed me from the curse of the law. He told me that He recognizes my role as a wife and as a mother as a ministry and He was trusting me with the assignment.

He showed me the possibilities of all I could become and do during pregnancy, and I believed Him and surrendered the entire process to Him. He made a story out of my pregnancy journey. A story that I want to share with the world.

I normally would not prefer to share this intimate part of my life with anyone, but in my 33rd week of being pregnant, I felt a strong nudge to do so. And I am sharing it with the knowing that God has a plan for my story. That He will use it to change people’s mindsets about pregnancy and childbirth and use my story to showcase the ease and grace that He has made available for every woman during her pregnancy and childbearing seasons. 

Here is the link to access my entire conception, pregnancy, and delivery story—nothing hidden.

In this resource, I shared how I moved from being afraid of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood to becoming empowered and excited about the entire process. I touched on how I handled self-esteem and productivity during pregnancy and overcame morning sickness and physical discomforts. I also added all my Supernatural Pregnancy Confessions, Exclusive Parenting Lessons from my mentor, and my Supernatural Childbirth Playlist. 

This is a resource that I wish I had read even before I got married and I believe that this book will bring deliverance to a lot of dysfunctional mindsets about pregnancy, childbearing and parenting.

Please share this resource with every woman that you know – Trust me, it is beyond pregnancy.

It is my greatest prayer that this resource liberates many young women from the fear of pregnancy, childbearing, and motherhood.

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