How to move your life to the next level

Today, I want to share with you how I have been able to, to a great extent, maximise my relationships with coaches, mentors, and the phenomenal people that God has blessed me with. 

In 2019, I learned how to ask for help when I am stuck and because of that courage to ask, I have consistently had access to the best mentors and coaches. Having this access has helped me to accelerate my growth and consistently evolve as a young woman and leader. 

However, I would say that having access to these people is not the big deal.

The big deal is how I have been able to maximise this access and keep these people consistently looking out for me and remaining in my space. 

When you find a great mentor or coach that has what you are looking for, the secret to getting yourself to live rent-free in their head is execution. Mentors and coaches have very busy schedules and definitely would not want anyone wasting their precious time, so trust me, they will quickly discard anyone that does not show that they value their time. 

It is not enough to say – “Thank you for your time, I do not take it for granted, blah blah.” You must show it by taking action with the wisdom and insights that they have shared with you.

Every time I have a call with a mentor, coach or friend, I ensure to take notes and immediately after the session, I draw out an action plan on the steps to take starting from that day based on what they have shared with me. The action plan has timelines and as I execute based on these timelines, I take note of questions and reflections based on the outcomes I get. 

After the process of executing and noting my questions and reflections, I send my mentor another thank you note, sharing how their insights helped, the outcomes I got from executing, and any further questions that I have.

Doing this has always given me further access to them, and because of this, I can learn more and they always have me in mind for opportunities or further support. 

Even though there are many mentors that want to pour themselves out and help other people, there are not a lot of committed mentees out there. So when a mentor finds a mentee that is serious, they always hold them tight because it becomes a win-win. 

And this does not just apply to mentoring or coaching relationships, it applies to any learning opportunity you find yourself in, even with books, podcasts, or your friends.

Immediately you learn something new, draw out an action plan and discipline yourself enough to follow through with it. This is how transformation happens.

This is why two people can have access to the same mentor or program and one person moves faster than the other. The difference is execution.

It is never enough to get motivated, because motivation will never sustain you, but an action plan and an accountability partner will help you to keep showing up even when you do not feel like it. 

and it always pays off. 

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