How to find purpose

The most question I get asked in my dm is, “Aramide, please how do I find my purpose?”

I like to respond by saying that your purpose is never farfetched. You are already walking in it, you just haven’t realised it.

I think about purpose as something that is uncovered and not discovered. The more intentionally I live, the more I find that purpose is a journey and not a destination. It is a process that is uncovered as we take daily steps with intentionality, focus, faithfulness, and excellence.

It is about being faithful and excellent at what you are currently doing. It is about using your gifts and talents to serve others as much as you can. That is how we find purpose.

With a combination of service to others, faithfulness, and excellence over time, you will connect the dots and find that you are already walking in purpose. You were just not intentional about it because you never connected the dots.

To the best of my knowledge, this was how I am uncovering my purpose –

  • I started teaching bottles in my parent’s living room at age six.
  • I continued in secondary school (This time, I was teaching my classmates).
  • I took tutorials in college.
  • The school registrar heard about my excellent teaching skills and awarded me a teaching contract.
  • The two students I taught moved from getting an ‘F’ to their lowest grade being a ‘C’.

At this point, I discovered (I started to connect the dots) that this was a gift and I was good at it, so I started walking boldly to where that gift was leading me (Purpose).

Because I knew that this might one of the reasons why God created me,

I started to read about different education systems and I felt so drawn to my core. At this point, I knew that education mattered to me and God was calling me to that space.

I started looking for how to serve in that space to confirm what I was sensing in my heart.

I got into a fellowship program where I went to teach for two years in a public primary school in a rural community.

I loved every part of it, and yes, I got confirmation regarding what I was sensing. So, I taught for two years and gave it my best.

As I was doing my best, I found a problem in the community that I wanted to solve, so I started Talent Mine Academy and started providing children in the community with 12 years of fully funded education in private schools.

While running my nonprofit to the best of my knowledge, I wanted to become better at it. So, I applied to Harvard and by God’s grace, I got in, got funding for it and earned my Master’s degree in education.

Now, I am back to running my nonprofit to give thousands of children access to education.

But everything started with that little girl who taught 7up bottles.

If you see this clearly, you will notice that the dots are connected. This connection, on the other hand, is the result of consistent reflection, following what I was sensing, and being faithful and excellent in what I was doing at the time, and it kept opening up again and again.

That is how purpose plays out – step by step, one day at a time. But it is dependent on you taking solid steps and being faithful and excellent per step.

This is how I think about purpose and how to find it. At least, this is how I uncovered mine anyways.

Have you uncovered yours? How was it for you? And what do you think about finding purpose?

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