How I am staying productive with a newborn

This week I resumed work from my maternity leave and as much as I have been working lowkey during my break, I am excited to be back in full! 

Before resuming work, I was wondering if I would be able to excellently balance the different commitments in my life.

I realised that now, my time is even more precious so I have had to adjust my schedule and lifestyle to stay productive even with the increased demands in my life. 

I’ll share three things that have helped in this journey – 

Having a to-do list: Every morning, I write a list of three top goals to achieve for the day and I  focus solely on those goals. After I achieve them all, I can now move on to other extra things. This helps me to highlight my priorities for the day and avoid any form of overwhelm. 

Saying no: Because I have a list of my top priorities for the day, I can easily focus on what is important and urgent and say no to what is not. I know that if I divert my attention and focus on something else, I would miss out on achieving my top goals. So, I say no politely. 

Focus: This one is the most important here. I have a time when I do focused work – where I shut out every notification and put my phone on do not disturb. That way, no one can reach me in my focus time except the world is falling apart. I do not take calls at this time or open any of my social media or multitask. I focus on the task at hand and do not look back till I am done.

Many times, we spend one hour doing something that would take us only 25 minutes to get done because we are here and there. Focusing on one task per time will help you get things done faster.

Outsourcing and delegating: I just started learning this one because I do not have a choice. I am learning to trust my team to handle higher-level tasks when I am not available. I cannot be everywhere, doing everything at the same time, so I delegate and outsource the tasks that can be done by someone else and focus solely on tasks that I cannot delegate. It’s just a matter of trust and letting some things go…

During this period, I am learning how to maximise my time and my energy without feeling guilty and overwhelmed with unnecessary tasks, and also resting and rewarding myself daily for achieving my set goals. 

I have decided that irrespective of the commitments that I have to juggle at this time, I will not allow any assignment that God has given me to suffer.

I believe that if He entrusted these assignments to me, then He has given me the capacity, strength and wisdom that I need to handle all of them. He will never give me more than I can handle – so I am thriving with this understanding and of course, the wisdom that He makes available to me per time. 

These tips would work for anyone who put them to good use. You would get more done in a shorter time and have time to focus on the things that truly matter to you. 

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