Believe Bigger

God has been taking me through a preparation and birthing season for the past months, and it’s been very uncomfortable.

While reflecting today, I realized that I have made more progress than last year and the year before.

One major thing I have learned in this season is that many times, discomfort is for our growth and it is such a great propeller.

The process of preparation can be super exhausting but I have realised that it is one of the fastest ways to grow and stay grown (if you know what I mean).

I was listening to my coach a month ago and she recommended a book for this season – Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans

This book makes me feel so seen, heard and so so empowered, and I am recommending it to anyone who:

  • God has given a vision and you need an extra push to execute it.
  • Is struggling with a wrong identity vs productivity mindset.
  • Is looking to uncover their purpose, especially if you are a multipotentialite.
  • Wants to live a life of purpose, intentionality and meaning.
  • Is going through or has gone through a rough season and is looking to heal from it completely.
  • Wants to accelerate further along their God-given assignment.

If any of the above describes you, then find this book and take a read!

Take it as a follow-up to my last post on how I uncovered my purpose. You’ll absolutely love it!

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